Vashon Aircraft Is Loading Up.

An American Airplane, from an American Company

Manufactured in the USA

The Ranger R7 is manufactured at the Vashon Aircraft factory and headquarters near Seattle, Washington, and is assembled at its Paine Field assembly and delivery center (just down the road from the Boeing wide body plant.) The avionics are made by Dynon Avionics in Woodinville, Washington. The engine is made by Continental in Mobile, Alabama.

Innovative Manufacturing

Vashon manufactures the vast majority of its own parts, simplifying the supply chain drastically. Vashon has invested heavily in manufacturing tools and systems so it can build parts as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not having to rely on as many external suppliers allows Vashon to control the cost of the airplane as well as the build time.

One of the first companies to form pre-painted metal

The Ranger R7 is one of the first examples of a small aircraft to utilize pre-painted metal to save manufacturing cost and time. Utilizing this advanced technique, Vashon eliminates the need to paint the aircraft after assembly.