Vashon Aircraft Is Loading Up.


I don’t live in Washington State. Where can I buy a Ranger?

At the current time, our facilities are located in the Seattle area. In the future, we plan on opening additional facilities throughout the US. Check back from time to time to see where we are expanding.

What comes with the base model?

See our pricing and packaging page for details about what features and equipment comes with the various models of the Ranger R7.

Can I get different avionics?

The major difference between the various Ranger R7 models is the avionics. The Yellowstone comes with a single-screen SkyView Touch based system. The Glacier model upgrades this to SkyView HDX and the Redwood adds a second SkyView HDX display. See the pricing and packaging page for more details.

How are Dynon and Vashon Aircraft related?

Vashon and Dynon are completely separate companies, but share a common heritage and vision. Dynon and Vashon were both founded and are controlled by Dr. John Torode, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for disrupting industries with affordable products that feature advanced technology and novel thinking. Vashon aims to transform and rejuvenate the GA aircraft market, similar to how Dynon transformed the aircraft avionics market.

Will there be a tailwheel version of the Ranger?

The Ranger is currently only made in the tricycle gear configuration but we do plan to offer a float version.

Will there be a float option?

Yes! We are going to look into floats in the next few years. They will be straight floats, as amphibs add a lot more weight to an already limited LSA. Check back periodically to see our progress.

Can we put Vortex Generators (VG’s) ’s on the Ranger?

Our handling qualities "clean" - that is, without VG's installed - are already quite good. The airplane doesn't fully stall, there is no tendency to roll-off in one direction or the other, and the ailerons are fully effective for roll control at any speed. If the stick is held full aft with half flaps and power-off, the airplane settles into a completely stable 600 fpm descent which could safely be taken all the way to the ground. Stated another way, the airplane already handles like it has VG's.

Is there a BRS parachute option?

No. We want to save the weight.

Where can I see a Ranger in person?

See this page for more information on upcoming opportunities to experience the Ranger.

Can I pick my N number?

To streamline manufacturing, your aircraft’s initial N-number is pre-assigned and can not be changed before delivery. After you have completed your purchase, we can change your N number for an additional $200 and we will deliver your Ranger with your new N number decals.

Can I fly the Ranger in IFR/IMC?

You can complete some of the flight training required to obtain an instrument rating. However S-LSA aircraft like the Ranger are not not allowed to fly in actual Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

Can I fly the Ranger with a Sport Pilot Certificate?

Yes, the Ranger is a Light Sport Airplane and can be flown by any certificated pilot.

What are options on a paint scheme?

We offer 3 paint scheme options: a base model minimal design, a mid-model mountain themed scheme for an extra charge, and a complete custom design for around $10,000. If you choose a custom design, our team will be happy to work with you on a design that fits your style.

What type of vinyl wrap is on the Ranger?

We work with a local company who uses an Avery Dennison premium cast wrap film with overlaminate. MPI1105 with DOL1360. Printed on latex printer.

How do you clean the wrap?

Any “automotive car wash.” Any brand of car wash that is made for cars. NOT a product like “Dawn” dish soap as that is too harsh. Use a soft brush. We recommend 1x week washings.

We recommend 1x week spraying the wrap with a silicone detail spray or liquid polish protectant such as Turtle Wax Ice. Any car detailing product containing silicone is good. The more the wrap is washed and “sealed/protected” with silicone, the longer it will last.

How long does the wrap last?

On vehicle applications, wraps are rated for 4 years.

In aircraft applications, life expectancy depends on how well the wrap is maintained and how it is stored.

Weekly washings and silicone protectants/sealants will prolong life. Obviously a hangared airplane will have less wear and tear from the elements.

What happens in X years when the wrap goes beyond its life?

The wrap should be removed once it begins showing signs of deterioration (cracking). Then it can be re-wrapped or painted.

Wraps can be removed with light heat and pulling. Wraps that are “old” will fade, oxidize, lose shine and possibly crack over time. The horizontal surfaces will age faster than the vertical surfaces.

What is ceramic coating?

This is an add-on product we can apply over the top of the wrap. It lasts for 1-2 years and makes maintenance a lot easier and reduces the need for silicone protectants. We basically hand-apply a thin layer of ceramic “glass” on top of the wrap. This is an upgrade option and we will ask if you want this when choosing your options package.